How it works


Dozens of unpaid invoices. No contact with the debtor. Constant excuses that maybe later, not now. You have theoretically earned money but you do not have enough money to pay your subcontractors. You start losing financial liquidity. The company's situation is becoming more and more tenuous because of cash flow difficulties.

This is a well-known scenario around the world and Portugal is no exception. What can you do in this situation? You have the services of lawyers and debt collection companies. But is that just it?

From now on - in addition - you have, the first online service for selling debts. How does it works? It is very simple - just issue debts of problematic debtors for sale.

We offer trustworthy conditions. Publishing the offer is free - you do not risk anything. You will not incur any costs until the debt problem is resolved. Fees are applied when the offer is withdrawn or reduced (details in the Price List). But that's not a problem - the law allows you to charge the debtor with all the costs of debt enforcement, including the cost of our services. So we offer you the perfect solution - you have the chance to recover your money without incurring any costs. But why issue debts for sale? How will this affect my debtor? Many businesses have already found this to be very effective. Check out the benefits of using


Are you wondering how issuing debt for sale is going to help you recover your money? Here are several reasons why our actions are effective.

First, by publishing the offer you can inform the debtor that his debt has been issued for sale. This will set alarm bells ringing, because from that moment his unreliability will be public information. Thereafter anyone who visits our website will see debtors details and debts. And who will want to do business with such an unreliable contractor? This is reason enough to pay off the debt and remove this information from public view.

There is also another risk for the Debtor - maybe his competition will buy this debt and in this way the market position of your debtor will be jeopardized. Someone will be able to block his activities, thereby benefiting more than he invested in just buying the debt.

And the final threat. You can pay with debts. If you decide to sell your debt for a sum lower than the overall debt, someone can use it to buy your debtor's services or goods at a lower price (details in Pay with Debts). So what are the benefits? By not investing more money, you force the debtor to act. Try it. Make an offer, inform the debtor and leave him with this problem. He will certainly contact you, he may pay off the debt or at least he will return to the negotiations.

Even if you do not succeed, at least you have warned others. Which is also an important gesture of solidarity with other participants in the Portuguese market, they do the same, informing you about their debtors.